Mechanical Maintenance

Aughton’s mechanical maintenance provisions vary from full time on-site support, to periodic scheduled shutdowns.

Our services can provide your business with suitably qualified personnel to work under the supervision of your own management. Aughton support staff will work as a direct member of your maintenance teams, undertaking associated activities, so you might not even notice we are there! Maintenance workers that we supply will be fully trained in all aspects of their trade, therefore providing you with piece of mind in times of need. Moreover, we are experts in the industrial field from years of experience, and so we will be able to assist you whatever the problem.


There are a number of categories that our maintenance work covers:

  • Pipelines
  • Industrial and commercial meters
  • Pneumatic tools and equipment
  • Inspection of hazardous area equipment
  • Calibration and repair of instrumentation tools and equipment

The following even include repair works:

  • High pressure vessels
  • Mechanical tools and equipment
  • Safety-related equipment

mechanical maintenance

Activities typically include maintenance and repair of minor damages to assets.

These could include, but are not limited to, AGIs, high pressure vessels, district governors, and industrial/commercial meters. We also cover workshop tools.

mechanical maintenance

The following job roles identify some of the typical maintenance personnel for the contract:

  • Maintenance technician
  • Craftsperson for maintenance works
  • Senior maintenance operative
  • Workshop operative
  • Cathodic Protection Technician
  • Workshop technician
  • Craftsperson for workshops
  • Workshop Operative

We also make sure that our staff have a number of transferable skills. This way, we know that they are able to perform a range of activities, and therefore deliver the most dynamic service possible. Moreover, our workers are fully trained to industry standards to assure a quality service.

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