Panel Manufacturer Services

Aughton’s head office has over 10,000ft² of space for our panel manufacturer service, complete with full-sized roller shutter doors and easy road access.

As such, we can easily accommodate the production of multiple large panels. We can also tailor our service to suit your needs.

panel manufacturer liverpool

Large Panel Builds

Using our 6 ton scoots, we can move large, GRP walk-in enclosures. We fit out the enclosures, as well as FAT test them, prior to shipping.

panel manufacturer liverpool

Instrument Backplates

Aughton pre-assemble these panels in our shop, with the help of our fully qualified Swagelok pipe fitters. We are also able to pressure-test pipework and fittings up to 1210bar. The backplates will arrive ready for site installation.

panel manufacturer liverpool

Control Systems

From junction boxes, to a suite of panels, we offer a full design, manufacture and installation service to all our clients.

panel manufacturer liverpool

Large Panel

Aughton are able to manufacture large panels for GRP kiosks. We can build panels for a range of different needs, such as chlorination kiosks, bore-hole kiosks, or gatehouses.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our panel manufacturer services, or would like to book an appointment, then please contact us here.